Precision Measurement Using Machine Vision (Part 3)

15-135x90Precision Measurement – Final Thoughts
This is the third and last entry, for now, in my discussion of precision measurement.  I’m hoping this series helps eliminate that question that always seems to come up:  “How accurately can Camera X measure something?”  It should be clear now that the camera or camera brand is not the key gating technology in a measurement application, and that one cannot know the potential precision of a measurement until the target field of view is defined and the resolution capability is known.  And […]

Precision Measurement Using Machine Vision (Part 2)

Crankshaft_roundness_measurement-135x90Precision Measurement Depends Upon Resolution
A determining factor for delivering high precision and low uncertainty in machine vision metrology is the resolution of the acquired image.  In this context, the term resolution (or image resolution) means the size of an individual pixel in real-world units.  Simply put, if a camera sensor contained 1000 pixels in the horizontal direction, and optics were incorporated that acquired an image that covered an area in the real-world scene that were 1 inch in width, a single pixel would represent 0.001”.  Note that […]

Precision Measurement Using Machine Vision (Part 1)

4Having recently wrapped up a webinar for the AIA on “Machine Vision Technology in High Precision Online Inspection and Measurement” (register and view here), I decided to expand upon the material here over the next 3 posts about precision measurement using machine vision.

Understanding Precision Measurement Concepts

Precision measurement using machine vision technology is a valuable application for online production inspection.  A good place to start in addressing how to successfully perform machine vision metrology is to understand precision measurement concepts.  The term metrology […]

Machine Vision Software-What’s Under The Hood

31077060004_largeA while back, respected and widely-followed MV blogger Brian Grey wrote about looking “under the hood” of a vendor’s machine vision software offering. ( Machine Vision 4 Users ) In short, the article comments on a machine vision integrated system and whether the system is built upon algorithms and tools derived from the open source OpenCV library or if the software was completely developed “in-house”.

This is a great topic that pops up all of the time, and I want to share a couple of observations:

OpenCV […]

Machine Vision People

Smart Vision Lights Vision 2016 Platinum Innovator Recipient

September 28th, 2016|0 Comments

Smart Vision Lights had a good summer.  After very successfully launching the first ever Illumination Innovation Summit – a conference to discuss lighting and illumination for machine vision applications (Business Director Casey Seagraves is pictured above during one of the conference sessions), SVL was one of the recipients of a […]