Revisiting USB Vision-USB 3.0

usb3vision-logoFor industrial applications, cameras using USB vision hadn’t seemed to have gained much traction – until the release and proliferation of the USB 3.0 Vision standard.   Although camera manufacturers have been offering USB interfacing before, over the past few months it seems that many new USB 3.0 Vision camera offerings have sprung up  from a variety of vendors.   With that availability of components, and adherence to the USB 3 Vision standard, this interface appears to be reasonably viable for industrial machine vision.  Multiple cameras can be implemented, […]

3D Imaging for Planar Measurement

StereoCameraFor an upcoming application we’re going to be researching how the accuracy of planar measurements might be improved through the use of 3D imaging – particularly a camera pair. The concept is that point imaging in stereo may enhance general single-plane measurement accuracy in one or more ways:

Depending upon the library or component, multi-camera calibration may be more precise
The location of a feature, even if only being considered in a single plane could be over-determined and possibly more accurate.
Visualizing the feature from two views may overcome some […]

Machine Vision or Computer Vision?

Computer+VisionA presentation at the recent A3 business conference reminded me of the confusion in terminology that existed before the words “machine vision” were coined to differentiate this technology from “computer vision”. The famous 1982 textbook by Ballard and Brown titled “Computer Vision” http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/rbf/BOOKS/BANDB/bandb.htm was invaluable to many researchers and developers working on early machine vision algorithms that formed the basis for many of the fundamental tools in use in machine vision today. Now, computer vision seems less associated with what has become machine […]

Machine Vision People